Health-Conscious Dining in and around Randolph, MA

Health-Conscious Dining near Randolph MAIf you’re resolved to making dietary changes, then maybe you’re looking for some new restaurants to check out.  Whether you’re going gluten-free, increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, going organic or trying to eat more local foods, you don’t have to stop eating out.

Here are a few restaurants near Randolph that can help you meet your nutrition goals.

Cutting down on Saturated fats?

Mediterranean cuisine has a reputation for including plenty of fruits and veggies plus healthy grains, beans, nuts, fish, small amounts of meat, and dairy. It’s often attractive to people who are wanting to improve their heart health because it eliminates saturated fats.

Caffe Bella is located at 19 Warren Street and serves up an Italian/ Mediterranean menu that’s consistent throughout the year, with daily specials that reflect the catch-of-the-day and local produce in season. Their wood-fired seafood dishes get excellent reviews. Avoid the pasta dishes in favor of risotto if you’re also looking to reduce your simple carbs.

Stop by the Greek International Food Market in West Roxbury for bringing the Mediterranean cooling style into your home with hard-to-find essentials and a wide selection of gourmet olive oils.

Eliminating Gluten in the Diet

If you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, or gluten sensitivity then you simply must not consume gluten. Others choose to remove gluten from their diet for preventative reasons.

A non-celiac can pretty much order anything that’s free of wheat flour on any menu and be safe. But if your system can’t tolerate even a hint of gluten then you need to make sure it’s prepared in a dedicated kitchen that’s free of all gluten-containing products. Celiacs know that cross-contamination is difficult to avoid in mixed kitchens, which is why even the gluten-free alternatives at restaurants like Dominos pizza, Subway and Red Robin aren’t always completely safe.

Twist Bakery in Millis might be a little far to go for a quick meal, but baked goods freeze well.  They have a great selection of allergen free cookies, pies, cakes and sandwiches on gluten-free breads they bake in their dedicated kitchen. is an in-depth resource for learning more about the gluten-free dining options in the Greater Boston area. She reviews restaurants and pre-packaged foods for their quality and evaluates the restaurant’s processes for preventing cross-contamination as well.  Her #MyHailo article that compared 4 different gluten-free burgers in a quest to find the tastiest is a must-read.

The Paleo Diet 

The Paleo diet appeals to people who want to continue eating meat and rich flavorful foods but don’t want to continue eating pre-packaged foods or consuming a bunch of dairy products or grains.  The Paleo diet (also called the cave man diet) claims that our digestive systems evolved during the paleolithic period and urges dieters to consume foods that were available back then.

You can argue the science or history behind the approach but you can’t argue that there’s anything wrong with eliminating packaged foods and increasing the presence of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Start with the Mediterranean restaurants previously listed and be sure to avoid the grains and cheeses as they’re not considered part of a Paleo diet. Also, remember that all meats and seafood are not created equally.  Cured and or preserved meats like Salami and Prosciutto wouldn’t be found on a cave man’s plate.

An important part of chiropractic care is recognizing that everyone we see is a whole person, with several factors that contribute to their overall well-being.  The more we know about your emotional, nutritional or fitness-related lifestyle choices, the better we can serve your physical body.

Contact us for an evaluation and to learn more about ways we can work together to support your health and well-being.

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