Can the Right Shoes Reduce Back Pain?

shoes reduce back painBack pain can be caused by a number of things, including heredity, injury or even poor alignment. Poor alignment is often caused by wearing the wrong shoes day in and day out. Does this mean that wearing different shoes will help ease back pain?

You might be pleasantly surprised to find out the right shoes reduce back pain significantly, no matter what the root cause of it is.

Shoes May Help Improve Posture

Shoes that do not support your feet properly can cause them to pronate, or turn, more than necessary. Feet that do not turn properly can make your pelvis tilt forward. This in turn causes your lower back to curve somewhat, thereby creating poor posture. This is one of the reasons why high-heeled shoes are not recommended for people with back pain.

The right pair of shoes will provide adequate support for your feet so that they do not over-pronate, thereby improving your posture and helping to eliminate back pain.

Shoes Provide Cushioning

An ideal pair of shoes to prevent back pain will provide your feet with an adequate amount of cushioning. That way, your body will not have to absorb excess shock that could result in a strain on the lower back.

When choosing the right degree of cushioning, the amount that is needed will vary based on your activity, so an athletic shoe will likely require more than one designed for everyday use will. You should have adequate cushioning along the heel and ball of your foot in addition to having the right arch supports in place if you are to prevent shock to the body.

Shoes Can Help With Heel Rigidity

The heel counter (or back of the shoe) should ideally be very rigid in order to provide your body with the right amount of support. It should be running straight up and down rather than tilting to one side or the other. The heel counter is largely responsible for the positioning of your foot, which in turn helps you maintain the right alignment so that you do not wind up with back pain.

As you can see, the right shoes can definitely make a difference when it comes to reducing back pain; however, they cannot eliminate the cause of it. The services of a chiropractor can be very useful when it comes to diagnosing back pain and recommending a treatment for it.

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